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structural engineers

Structural Engineers – Everything in the design of large and small Developments, from Conversion, Construction, repair and Conservation. we are proud of our Structural Engineers team they are the best thinkers and designers.

The structural engineers work is as follows:

  • Design 1 off beams to large steal frames
  • Basment Design
  • Investigate the ground for soil suitabilty
  • Alternate structural designe and solution
  • Health and Saftey
  • On site supervision
  • Qualty Control
  • Regular Inspections

We examine all of the feasable solutions before we advise on the the most cost effective structural engineering solution. We give structural surveys and that gives the overall assesment of the condition of the property. We give a full report on what the property is like such as.

  • Dampness
  • Condensation
  • Planning and building regulations
  • structural cracks
  • Water penetration
  • Insulation
  • heat retention


Structural Engineers work closely with the Architects and Building Contractors, they also work alongside the Civil Engineers. The structural engineers are the key part of the Design and Construction Team.

Every structure goes through bad conditions, thats why there is differnt structures in countries were there is very bad conditions. structural engineers make a difference and shape the built enviroment. Structural Enginners have to be creative and get through technical challenges, they also need to be good at solving problems. They are the most important in the bulidng trade they have to make sure everything is right before, during and after constuction to make sure the job is done right for the client.

Structural engineers they shape the built enviroment.