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Civil Engineers

Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering – Civil Engineers give you excellent advice and provide you with great design solutions that you need to design your development. Civil Engineers  have been sensible in the solutions they give, which means saving for the client. many civil engineers work in design, constuction and research.

Civil Engineers work is as follows:

  • Wastewater treatment for single dwellings and large developments
  • liaise with the local authority on planning issues for our client
  • We provide pre planning documents to support civil planning
  • Design acccess roads and car parking for resident developments, comercial developments and industrial developments.
  • Design watermains for large developments
  • Design of retaining walls, reinforced concrete
  • Design works to retain soil for basement constuction
  •  Consider Constuction costs, government regulations and enviro mental hazards.
  • compile and submit aplications varifying that the developments comply with regulations.
  • Test concrete , asphalt, steel, for use in particular developments.

A lot of civil engineers would be supervisers either this would be constuction site superviser or city engineer. others work in design, construction and teaching. Civil engineers would work with others on developments, and sometimes they may be assisted by civil engineering technicians.

Civil engineers work on very complex developmets and usually specialise in one of the other areas.

  • Construction Engineers – manage construction developments
  • Geotechnical Engineers – make sure foundations are solid
  • Structural Engineers – design and asses major developments
  • Transportation Engineers – Plan, Design, operate and maintain everyday systems.

Civil Engineers build and design sytems that gives us water and power.

Build the infrastructure.

Civil engineers build mass transit.